Image of FanArt #4 Teamwork

FanArt #4 Teamwork


4th issue of FanArt

as the theme is teamwork, one team member wrote a story and another one had to draw it.

Comics by:

Joo Young Kim and Michel Esselbrügge
Michel Esselbrügge and Julius Wagner
Jannis Esselbrügge and Joo Young Kim
Liva Kandevica and Jannis Esselbrügge

86 pages, full color comics,
26,5 x 18 cm, limited to 100 copies,

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Image of FanArt #5 International
FanArt #5 International
10.00 — Sold out
Image of I was in tears making this
I was in tears making this
Image of Mug Time
Mug Time
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